Principles Of Pilates

Understanding the different principles of Pilates will help you execute it better. These principles will help you understand what exactly Pilates would like to do to your body. Not only that, it will help you prepare your body and condition your mind as you execute the different movements well.

Different principles of the Pilates method

Here are the different principles that make up the Pilates method.


This is actually the most important of them all. According to the book “Return to Life”, Joseph Pilates described how breathing is our body’s way of cleaning through blood circulation. He stressed the importance of increasing our intake of oxygen because a well-oxygenated blood that circulates in the body is a good thing. And when it comes to breathing, it has to be the full inhalation and exhalation. Pilates teaches the proper way to breathe so your muscles are conditioned as each movement is executed.


Every Pilates movement requires extreme focus. What you have to understand is that the execution of the movement is just as important as the actual exercise. You need to focus on your mind and body. There has to be a connection so every session is most beneficial. Do every exercise slowly so you do not end up with an incorrect posture.


It is not surprising that this is one of the principles of Pilates. After all, Joseph Pilates called this “Contrology” before it became known as Pilates. The reason why he called it as such is that he believed it was all about muscle control. The movements are executed with a certain level of control so the muscles end up working with gravity. This is how precision happens.


Control and centering are like partners. You cannot control your movement unless you find your center. It is the focal point of the whole method. So where is your center? It is the group of muscles around your abdomen, hips, lower and upper back, buttocks, and your inner thigh. This is known as the “powerhouse”. Every movement starts from the center before folding outwards to your extremities.


This is essential in Pilates. It is the reason why you focus. This is why you have to master breathing. This is why you need to find your center. You can even say that this is why you have to practice control. It is all about precision. It is the only way that you can maximize the benefits of Pilates. You have to keep on practising until you have achieved precision in your movement.


There is a certain beauty in every Pilates movement. We mentioned that the way you achieve the movement is very important. There has to be a fluid transition. It has to be smooth. You need to pay attention to the flow of movement to perfect the technique.

As you achieve all of the principles of Pilates, you will get a lot of benefits along the way. You will eventually get used to having the right posture. You will also find that a session of Pilates will make you feel relaxed. It is also possible that you will soon feel your stamina increasing – making every Pilates movement easier to do.

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