5 Pilates Myths

There are a couple of PIlates myths that you need to clarify if you want to completely understand how this can help your body. Some people approach this method with a lot of expectations and assumptions that are not entirely correct. This ends up making them feel disappointed with Pilates and miss out on all the benefits that it can bring.

To make sure that you approach Pilates with the right expectations, here are the 5 of the most common myths about Pilates.

Pilates makes you lose weight.

The truth is, there is no scientific study to prove that Pilates can make you lose weight. That is not surprising because weight loss is not the primary target. This method intends to strengthen your core, make you flexible. But it never promises to help you lose weight. Of course, that does not mean it cannot help. It will be up to you though. You have to regulate your diet and do more exercises that can make you sweat. If there is one thing that Pilates can do, it can make you flexible and strengthen your core so you are in the best condition to do the other exercises that can make you lose weight.

Pilates makes you stronger.

This is just the same as the Pilates myth that it can make you lose weight. While Pilates cannot directly make you stronger, it can condition your body so you can do the exercises or activities that will help strengthen your body. Since it is strengthening your core, it will help with your endurance. That is usually a good thing if you are on a mission to make your body stronger.

Pilates is for women.

First of all, Pilates himself is a man. That alone should convince you that this method is not exclusive to women. It does bring benefits that women can really appreciate. For instance, it can strengthen both abdominal and pelvic muscles – which is good for childbearing. Since it does not involve anything heavy, that also means more women can do it. But that does not mean it is exclusive to females. A lot of athletes use it to improve their stamina. It is perceived to be a great way to complement cardio exercises and weight training.

Pilates only helps your abs.

While the concentration is in your core area (abdominal, lower back, and pelvic muscles), this does not mean Pilates can only help you get the perfect abs. You need to rethink this Pilates myth. There are other things that it can do. It can help you bring focus to your center. This will also help you be more flexible. It can even help you with breathing. You will also be more aware of your movements because the execution should be done with precision.

Pilates need special machines.

Not entirely. There is one type of workout that will require a machine. However, you can choose not to use it if you do not want to. There are Pilates machines called the Wunda chair, Cadillac, and Reformer that can be used in a workout. But there are other routines that will not require you to use a machine – just a simple mat.

Make sure you clear all of the Pilates myths that you have in your head so you can appreciate what it can do for you. Get rid of the false expectations and assumptions.

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